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The mission of the George & Associates Contractors, Incorporated (GAC), is to provide communities with the most qualified, best employable construction personnel in the region, and to improve the implementation and safety of construction projects via improved construction management techniques.

In order to achieve this mission GAC will foster:

  • Loyalty & growth opportunities to our most important asset - our people
  • Quality construction performance creating value for our customers
  • Personal attention in meeting or exceeding commitments to our customers
  • Assembling proven subcontractors that understand & meet our clients needs
  • Our commitment to a safe work environment
  • Ethical business practices

The Project and Construction Management Team shall provide opportunities for publication, training, technology exchange, and networking to personnel serving the construction industry as producers, suppliers, contractors, and consultants.

We believe strongly in both our motto and our mission statement which is the reason for their prominent display in our brochure. Our team concept of management is successful because our employees understand that their contributions are fully recognized and rewarded.

Our concern for their safety and having the best resources available for the professional completion of our projects is paramount in management's oversight of the Company's progress. We believe in safety. Our Human Resource Department plays a major role in obtaining the best qualified employees, training them and looking out for their safety by constant evaluation of our field operations and job sites.

We are proud of our company, its' employees and our past performance and we look forward to a profitable future.

Project Spotlight

George & Associates Contractors, Inc., a minority-owned business is quickly becoming one of the most renowned providers of Construction and Environmental Services in Central and South Florida.

John L. George is the CEO of George & Associates Contractors, Inc. of which he and management team partner up on large projects and have supported clients in the private and public sectors with comprehensive Construction and Environmental Services in the areas of:

  • Construction Management
  • Heavy Civil Construction
  • General Construction
  • Design-Build
  • Demolition

George & Associates Contractors, Inc. has the experience and resources to support and oversee all phases of a project from design to completion. Our capabilities include: engineering and design analysis; preparation of plans/specifications; preparation of engineering studies; preparation of construction drawings; management of specialty contractors; construction Implementation, oversight; quality assurance/quality control, contract administration, and project closeout.

Our ability to understand and seamlessly integrate the goals and operations of our clients are key reasons for the consistent growth of our firm and why clients repeatedly choose George and Associates Contractors, Inc. as their trusted construction partner.


Quick Facts:

47 Years of proven service in South Florida
Florida Licensed General Contractor
Florida Licensed Roofing Contractor
40+ experienced construction professionals and technicians on-staff
Resources and capability for quick mobilization throughout South Florida

Certified Small, Minority Business:

  • Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)
  • Florida State & Inter-local MBE
  • Saint Lucie County
  • City of Fort Pierce
  • Polk County
  • City of Lakeland
  • Hillsborough County
  • City of Tampa
  • Lakeland & Fort Pierce Housing Authority
  • City of Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach County
  • City of Miami
  • Dade County


Project Spotlight

Charles GeorgeJames I. George, Sr. was born November 21, 1917 in Leary, Georgia. He moved to Fort Pierce in the 1930's.

Mr. George was a hard working family man with an entrepreneurial spirit. In 1945, he started a Fish Market and a Citrus Company. His wife, Mrs. Willie Mae George, also hard working, ran the Citrus Company.

He also did seasonal work; and after some years of going back and forth up the road, Mr. George decided that he needed to do something local to keep his family in one location; so he started the George Trucking Company in January of 1960 and Mrs. George at some point joined him in the Trucking Business. He gave many long and tiring hours to make the business a success. He was the first black person in his community to start a trucking company; and he began with just one truck.

Mr. George took ill in 1983 and began to get weak but not weary and kept going, having expanded his truck line to three trucks and was still growing.

In 1983, James I. George, Jr. decided to come back home from Rochester, New York to relocate to Florida and assist his father with the business. James Jr. came wearing a suit and soon learned that trucking is not a "clean" job. James quoted, "I came to get the job done, not do it". James took the suit off and learned the trucking business as his father taught him and much more through trial and error. George Trucking became one of the largest minority trucking companies in the state. Mr. James George, Sr. passed away July 13, 1988 and James George, Jr. took over the company.

James Jr. was an innovative person and started thinking of ways he could become more versatile, so he changed the name of the company from George Trucking to Modernized Trucking, Inc., and also started a construction company called Optimistic Construction which was very successful. James George, Jr. became ill and passed away in 1993.

After the departing of James Jr., a lot of changes took place once Mr. Charles George, another son; another great mind, came to take over the company. Charles George brought with him a strong knowledge of business. Now at the helm, he had been placed between a rock and a hard place with only one year of experience with his brother, James. Charles had a lot of problems that had to be dealt with but he was determined to take the company to another level and so again, the company name was changed to cut some of those problems from the equation.

Charles George wanted to give the company back to the family since that was the intention when the company name was changed from George Trucking in 1983; and so Charles changed the name to G Family Enterprise, Inc. in 1993 and that company, with a strong professional group, conquered a number of large contracts and partnered with some of the elite construction companies such as Turner and Dozier and Dozier, just to name a couple.

Mr. Charles George developed an excellent reputation while dealing with the government and county officials; but he decided that he wanted to turn the day-to-day operations of the company into the hands of his brother, Mr. John L. George; but would remain active in the company as CEO and President.

John L. GeorgeJohn L. George, a young man, strong and talented, moved back home from Seattle, Washington in 2002. He came with a wealth of knowledge, having degrees in Business Administration, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technology and has a very strong and interesting background in planning and development. He has been in the corporate world for many years as a high-level manager but wanted to come back home and assist his family in keeping the legacy of the George family business going.

Mr. George bought a company called Stephens-Jones General Contractors, Inc. to get a Florida License from that Company to qualify for large scale commercial jobs. He became CEO of that firm and moved over from Stephens-Jones to G Family Enterprise, Inc. and again, the family company name was changed to get more of the "George" back into the family business and is now called George & Associates Contractors, Inc.

Mr. George has obtained his Florida General Contractor License, reinstated the "Family Name" and thus has repositioned their company once again to become a more competitive and strong construction company


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