George and Associates Contractors, Inc.


PROJECT: South Miami Street Improvements
OWNER: Miami-Dade County Office of Economic and Community Development (OECD)
PROJECT VALUE: $1.2 Million



In 1999, Miami-Dade County Office of Economic and Community Development (OECD) upgraded the infrastructure in the low income area of the City of South Miami. The improvements were as follows:

Several existing two-lane roadways were widened to increased lane widths, and accommodate off-street parking for the residences. The design also included new roadway signage, pavement marking and roadway lighting. A new subsurface drainage system was constructed to eliminate the flooding within the right of way.

A new sanitary sewer system was installed. The residences were connected to the new sewer system and all septic tanks were abandoned.

Existing 4" galvanize water lines were abandoned and replaced with an 8" P.I.P water main. The scope of services included connection of the residences to the 8" line. New plumbing pipes were installed in the homes because of the significant increase in water pressure.

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